ILC Services


  • Contact FNA member to fine-tune and assess job/candidate profile
  • Prepare and post candidate advertising on behalf of FNA member
  • Provide appropriate candidate CVs that meet FNA member’s needs
  • Arrange FNA member/candidate interviews
  • Facilitate FNA member offer of employment and candidate acceptance


  • LMO application, submission and follow-up with Service Canada
  • Candidate Visa application and follow-up with Citizenship and Immigration Canada visa issuing offices.
  • Employer and Candidate Provincial Nominee Program application and follow-up with appropriate provincial governments
  • ILC immigration services are optional. This means that IF Members wish to do so they can do their own LMO or use a different immigration consultant of lawyer and just use ILC for recruitment services.

Immigration services are delivered by Walter Garchinski,
ICCRC member #R410855 (Immigration Consultant)

Settlement Support

  • Pre-Departure and Settlement Support Services:
  • Pre-Departure:
  • Assistance gathering and preparing candidate documents
  • Candidate language and skill training/testing when appropriate
  • Settlement and integration workshops for candidates
  • Monitoring of candidate progress
  • Provide candidate updates to employers
  • Transit and post-arrival:
  • Assist candidate and employer with travel arrangements
  • Ensure successful arrival of candidate
  • Facilitate employee/employer introduction
  • Assist candidate to obtain health card, SIN, bank account