Farm Labour Solutions Made Easier

In October 2013, FNA announced it has partnered with ILC Canada to provide FNA Members with a full service solution to access Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) under federal programs to fill gaps in the farm labour market.

We asked Members for their interest in such a program, and the response was rapid and clear: a program was needed that reduces the burden on individual farms to meet the regulatory and recruitment requirements. By providing a complete package, from qualification of the worker(s) to orientation and final departure from Canada, FNA’s TFW program removes the vast majority of these burdens from the farmer.

If you are thinking about hiring workers from abroad, FNA’s TFW program should make the decision easier and give you some peace of mind. Consider the following highlights of the program…

  • Reduction of the burden associated with all the bureaucracy of the government programs and their regulatory requirements.
  • Access to recognized and fully certified recruiters and immigration consultants.
  • Preferential rates from those service providers (i.e. lower fees) EXCLUSIVE to FNA members
  • Advocacy / consultation with relevant governments and agencies.
  • The employer should expect the entire process, from the time they interview and select a candidate to the time the candidate arrives to take between 3 to 10 months.
  • The FNA recruitment agency, ILC Canada, has offices in many countries to ensure rigorous pre-screening of candidates and reference checking of all candidate backgrounds and former employers.
  • The program provides much deeper service beyond identifying qualified candidates for farm jobs. First, the qualification process includes critical factors beyond matching skill sets, such as confirming the good health of candidates, supporting upgrading of English language skills, meeting the foreign workers at the airport and providing the foreign workers with settlement services for such basic things as getting a driver license in Canada or setting up a bank account — all things that farmers have had to do themselves until now.
  • The program includes a built-in follow up process so that if after 3 months the employee is not working out, Members can end the arrangement and receive a replacement worker at no added cost.